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The Wedding Planner Omaha, LLC, provides full service wedding coordination and consultation for busy Greater Omaha couples. We begin by identifying your budget, creating a wedding “ to do” list, finding your dream wedding location for your ceremony/reception and more.

Proud to announce NEW wedding services:
 You will enjoy the planning process and have professional help along the way!

If you think Wedding Planners are only a privilege the rich can afford, think again. Reasons to reconsider otherwise:

  • You’re not very good at sticking to a budget. 
  • Do you know what your budget should be?
  • You don’t want to spend hours finding suppliers. 
  • Then trying to figure out who is trustworthy.
  • You both work and you don’t want wedding planning to take over.
  • You have a great venue coordinator but they don’t cover all details.
  • You’re planning a wedding somewhere other than where you live.

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